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Full-Service Tax Saving Bookkeeping

Full-Service Tax Saving Bookkeeping

There are numerous benefits to using Tax Small Biz Tax-Saving Bookkeeping, which make it a good deal for many small businesses:

Tax-ready books. One of Tax Small Biz Tax-Saving Bookkeeping’s primary selling points is that they will provide you with tax-ready books. This does not mean they will do your taxes for you, but it does mean that your books will be ready to hand off to an accountant or tax preparer with little effort required on your part.

If we mis-categorize a transaction or make another error in your bookkeeping, Tax Small Biz Tax-Saving Bookkeeping will fix it at no additional charge.
Tax Small Biz Tax-Saving Bookkeeping grows with your business, and it typically costs less than an in-house bookkeeper or an outsourced bookkeeping provider.

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your books are up-to-date. Get a Tax Small Biz-certified bookkeeper to manage and maintain your books.

Starting at $ 200 /mo. After month-1 cleanup fee

  • Past financials brought up-to-date
  • Personalized setup with a bookkeeper
  • Updated profit & loss and balance sheet
Ongoing Bookkeeping using Quickbooks Online or Quickbooks Online Advanced.
  • Organized and up-to-date financials
  • Close your books for tax time
  • Detailed business reports
  • Convenient virtual support
What Tax-Saving Bookkeeping brings to your business

Well, you are self-employed (or operate as a one-owner corporation). And the current IRS tax code has literally dozens of juicy deductions built into it that only self-employed and one-owner taxpayers can take. These deductions can add up to savings of many thousands of dollars in tax payments — savings so large it’s almost unfair to people who are NOT self employed or don’t have their own businesses!The IRS or your CPA doesn’t automatically take those deductions for you — or apply them to your tax return if you forget to claim them.

You have to know what deductions are available to self-employed taxpayers and one-owner businesses … the latest updates and changes to the tax codes … and how to apply them to your particular situation.

Perfect Books

Get started on the right foot. Your bookkeeper brings your past financials up-to-date and sets up your bank connections and chart of accounts. Your bookkeeper categorizes transactions and reconciles accounts for you, freeing up time to focus on your business. Your bookkeeper ensures you’re keeping track of income and expenses. With clean books, you can apply for financing with confidence. Your bookkeeper can close the books for you so that you stay organized, up-to-date, and ready for tax time.