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Caroline Joy Co, EA is a highly diligent and accurate professional with expertise in both physical therapy and tax savings. With a background in physical therapy, Co understands the importance of financial stability and security for individuals and families. As an enrolled agent, Co has extensive knowledge and experience in tax planning and savings strategies, helping clients maximize their savings and minimize their tax liabilities.

Co’s commitment to accuracy and attention to detail ensures that clients receive the highest quality service and support. Whether working with individuals or businesses, Co is dedicated to helping clients achieve their financial goals through effective tax planning and savings strategies.

With a passion for education and community outreach, Co also strives to provide valuable resources and insights to help individuals and families make informed financial decisions. Through Co’s tax savings website, readers can access valuable information and guidance on a range of financial topics, from tax planning and savings strategies to budgeting and investment planning.

Overall, Co’s unique combination of expertise in physical therapy and tax savings, along with a commitment to accuracy, education, and community outreach, makes Co a valuable asset to clients and readers alike.



B.S., Accounting

Licenses & Affiliations

• Certified Public Accountant
• Online QuickBooks ProAdvisor